My Story

Hola! My name is Carolenys Tovar and I am a Venezuelan Canadian Multimedia Artist, Storyteller, Expressive Arts Therapist and Facilitator with a passion for Botanical Fantasy Illustration, artful adornment and arrangement.
Throughout my life’s journey, I have always been called to live on the boundary between the familiar and the unknown, continuously going out and coming in, making my way through the seeking path, journeying from landscape to soundscape, from story to song, from poem to charm and everything in between.
Over 25 years ago, in a very vulnerable moment of my life and among many other art forms and creative expressions, jewelry-making arrived to assist me in integrating the scattered pieces of my soul into a cohesive sense of Self, giving me a front row seat from which I got to see and experience the full landscape of my Being.
In a magical way I can hardly describe, it brought me back to the center of my life, embarking me on a pilgrimage towards a new personal narrative – one that aimed to welcome and celebrate all the intersecting aspects of my identity, my disparate and ever-shifting configurations of lenses, my thirst for novelty, for wisdom and Beauty.
Jewelry-making added another dimension to my passion for personal adornment by becoming a grounding force that invited me to sit with and stay in creative, hands-on conversation with my questions; to name my “gut feelings” and “abstract knowing's”; to crystallize intentions, longings and memories into form.
Although deep inside my heart I know that my adventure of seeking might never end, my art will always be the connector, the weaver of all my profound and frivolous passions; it will always be my vessel and my beacon as I continue to travel, not fixated in a particular way of knowing but anchored in the ever-flowing stream of life.
Without analysis or complicated theories, my art is an expression that celebrates the Beauty that lies behind the simple things. It is a mixture of love, gratitude, little pieces of talents, a heart and a pair of hands with too many stories to tell...
I am immensely happy to introduce you to my little world…
Welcome to LAZOOLEETA!